Public Meeting in 5th Lyceum School-squat

The 5th Lyceum School-squat is supporting refugees/migrants and the education of their children.


On Tuesday the 22nd of June a public meeting with the participation of refugees was held in the school-squat in Exarheia-Athens to campaign in favour of OPEN ATHENS TO THE MIGRANTS – OPEN ALL THE BUILDINGS – OPEN ALL THE SCHOOLS TO THE CHILDREN OF MIGRANT FAMILIES”. The meeting was attended by members of the doctors’ union, and the union of teachers and artists. A health and education committee was established in order to promote:

1. Support and protection to refugees/migrants in the squats

2. The creation of teams that will lobby in favour of the refugee/migrant children in the Greek public schools.

A number of children will attempt to register in Greek public schools. The 5th Lykeio squat has started moving towards this direction several months ago.




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