New Shipwreck in Lesvos

By George Tyrikos-Ergas

A new shipwreck this Wednesday near Eftalou claimed the lives of two more refugees, a young  girl and a man. Local media point out that deaths of this kind even during Christmas holidays are no longer “news” for mainstream national media as they  no longer “shock the public opinion”. It seems that no side, the Greek or Turkish governments or the E.U. are yet truly capable to provide safe passage to refugees. Refugee arrivals in the north of Lesvos have decreased dramatically whereas arrivals in the southeast, near the town of Mytilene have reached a peak up to 1500 people in one day. The refugee crisis, as it has been proven, knows no winter and unfortunately is more aggressive than hoped. Even after a relative decrease in arrival numbers, even after the G20 meeting and the E.U- Turkey agreement, the refugee crisis is as ardent as ever. A these lines are written new top-class meetings concerning the refugee crisis between prime ministers ane E.U. authorities are about to begin in Brussels. 

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