Lesvos – After Paris

Volunteers, refugees, local authorities : everyone in Lesvos feels that the recent devastating events in Paris will have a massive negative effect on the refugee crisis not only in Europe but globally. In Skalia Sykamias, this Sunday only five boats arrived from the Turkish shore. Volunteers narrate a story to be confirmed : there are no more boats for the smugglers to use. They show us the motors of the boats that have already arrived. First, well known trademarks were used like “Yamaha” but now the brands have changed. Smugglers use cheaper motors even more defective, even more dangerous. “Things had just started to get organized” said A., a volunteer that has been in Skala Sykamias since the beginning of the refugee crisis in May. “Three main help-points one being run totally by volunteers, by crowdfundind and support from individuals, and two by the UNCHR and other NGOs, at least were something. Now, nobody knows what comes next. Paris was the worst thing that could happen. And somehow, everyone expected something like this”. Another volunteer points towards Turkey : “There is a G20 going on right now”. Everyone feels that the fate of thousands of refugees is being decided during t0712his meeting.

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